What we offer

What do we mean when we say 'customising scooters to a whole new level...' Its not just about the paintwork. What we offer is a tailored, bespoke service that can turn your scooter into something unique, orginal and very different by restyling and remodelling elements or features that are standards and replacing them with something different.


What we do

  • Custom Painting and Graphics including resprays and bodywork restoration
  • Tailor made and bespoke fibre glass and steel fabrication
  • Custom scooter concept design service 
  • Electronic and electric gadgetry and wizardry
  • Upholstery 
  • Aesthetic styling

What we don't do

  • Engine tuning and mechanical engineering
  • Auto-electrics
  • Brake and exhaust systems
  • Shrink wrap graphics
  • Vinyl and Stickers (if we can help it!)

How we do it

We use a variety of production techniques including remodelling with fibrepaste and glass fibre, resins, gelcoats, or rewelding/reshaping in steel.

A whole new style, shape and design is created. This can be done with either modifying exisiting 'bolt on' parts, completely resigning 'bolt on' parts or even working directly on the main frame.

Then it can be painted in any colour combination of paint, painted graphics, or detailed artwork.

FROM CONCEPT TO REALITY - bringing your dream to life